Kreino Sdn Bhd was established in 2014. We specialise in providing wheelchairs, commodes, walking aids (such as walkers, walking sticks) and health footwear and Insoles (such as Medifeet, Dr. Comfort & Balance Walker) throughout Sabah, Malaysia.

Other products includes:
First Aid products (such as stretchers, trauma bags & AED)
Training manikins (CPR Manikins & Anti-Choking Trainer & AED Trainer)
Respironics products (such as Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen Cylinder & regulator)
Disposable items, etc.
Our showroom is located at Central Shopping Plaza, Kepayan Ridge, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It is walking distance from Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Do drop by at our shop whenever you are free.

JC01 Indoor Sandal (RM109)

JC02 Indoor Slipper (RM109)

Maxi Armor (RM49)

MS122-6 Black Professional Uniform Shoe (RM209)

M054-6 Black Medical Grade Footwear Post-diabetic (RM289)

MP123-6 Black Professional Uniform Shoe (RM209)

MF039-6 Black Professional Uniform Shoe (RM179)

SM106-6 Black Saramax Women Shoe (RM269)

SM106-3 Beige Saramax Women Shoe (RM269)

MC6021 Black Professional Uniform Shoe (RM169)

MS122-1 White Professional Uniform Shoe (RM209)

Philips Respironics Everflo Home Oxygen Concentrator (RM4000)

SysMed M50 Home Oxygen Concentrator (RM3500)

M193-6 Black Medifeet Men's Comfort Shoe (RM259)

MWP172-6 Black Medifeet Walkabout shoe (RM289)

MF112-6 Black Medifeet Fairlady shoe (RM249)

Standard Wheelchair (RM299)

MW083-6 Walkabout Bunion Shoe (RM259)

MW038-6 Black Professional Uniform Shoe (RM169)

MC1110 White Professional Uniform Shoe (RM169)

MC6110 Black Professional Uniform Shoe (RM169)

MO069-6 Black Medifeet Orthotic Sandals Women(RM229)

MP049-6 Black Medifeet Biowalk shoe (RM269)

MWP9010-6 (RM279)

MW098-0 Bronze Medifeet Walkabout Shoe (RM239)

M064-6 Black Medical Grade Footwear Therapeutic(RM289)

Reclining Wheelchair (RM699)

MW098-5 Maroon Medifeet Walkabout Shoe (RM239)

MWP195-0 Goldie Black Medifeet Walkabout Shoe (RM299)

M070-6 Black Medifeet Men's Orthotics Sandals (RM229)

M6038 Black Medical Grade Footwear Pre-diabetic (RM219)

SC6091 Black Stepcare Men's Shoe (RM299)

MW038-1 White Professional Uniform Shoe (RM169)

MSP186-6 Black Medifeet Biowalk shoe (RM339)

MF242-4 Brown Medifeet Fairlady shoe (RM239)

MW034-8 Medifeet Walkabout Shoe (RM209)

Compact Wheelchair (RM520)

MF174-6 Fairlady Sq. Toe Shoe (RM269)

M089-6 Black Medical Grade Footwear Therapeutic (RM249)

MWF187-1 White Professional Uniform Shoe (RM209)

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